in_focus: WATER Local-level Management

996.jpgDavid B. Brooks

IDRC 2002
ISBN 0-88936-996-8
e-ISBN 1-55250-200-7
80 pp.

Disponible en français / Disponible en español 

Today, more than 1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water. Within the next 25 years, fully one-third of the world’s population will experience severe water scarcity. It is clear that disparities in the availability and supply of fresh water are truly a matter of life and death, and constitute one of the great governance imperatives of our time.

This publication summarizes the results of three decades of IDRC-supported research on water supply. It demonstrates that some of the most powerful responses to water scarcities have been mounted at the community or local level — in households, farmers’ fields, villages, and city neighbourhoods. With a focus on research findings, and failures, this book presents solidly grounded propositions for decision-makers and for researchers. It goes on to form a series of clear and pointed recommendations for policy design and future research efforts, and concludes with an eye to the future of water supply and a presentation of some of the key resources in the field.

The book also serves as the focal point for a IDRC thematic Web site on water: The full text is available online and leads the reader into a true web of resources that represent IDRC’s 30 years of experience in water-related research. A CD of the in_focus Website is included with the book.

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