Extreme meteorological events and risk management in the Andes of Peru

Alejandra G. Martínez (1), Ken Takahashi (1), Ricardo Zubieta (1), Raquel Orozco (1)(1) Instituto Geofísico del Perú


This contribution presents findings from the ongoing project MAREMEX-Mantaro risk reduction and adaptation to climate change in the Peruvian Central Andes in which the physical and socio economical aspects of extreme meteorological phenomena, such as drought, intense rainfall and frosts, and their impacts are studied at the sub basin level, with emphasis on the most vulnerable population (i.e. those with less access to economic, social and information resources).

The main objectives of the project are to strengthen the capabilities for risk management associated with these meteorological events by: researching the physical aspects; developing an integrated risk management and adaptation strategy in collaboration with the local and regional authorities, population, and other institutions; disseminating the results of the study in the population and involving local researchers, students, and research institutes in the development of the study.

Research in the physical aspects is aimed at increasing the knowledge of atmospheric mechanisms associated with the extreme events to improve the capability of prediction and mitigation of these events. Also, the general analysis includes the identification of the key players and stakeholders, and the identification and analysis of past events and their impacts on the population.

Keywords: Risk management; Extreme meteorological events, Andes

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