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Voices of the Illimani. Khapi’s community testimonials on Global Warming

Illimani is a tropical glacier that reaches 6.462 m.a.s.l. Apart from being an icon of La Paz identity, it provides water for many of rural and indigenous communities lives.
In the last few years, local people of Khapi have realized the dramatic withdrawal of the glacier. Everyday they are more conscious of future impacts and are looking for alternatives and answers to a problem which they are not responsible for.

Khapi is one of the hundreds of communities that depend on the water that the glaciers of the Andes provide. Preliminary studies estimate a 40% of glacier mass loss, and within the next 30-40 years it will be totally lost.

Therefore, the rights of these communities such us the right of health, food sovereignty, free will, among other rights will be violated because of the lack of water.

Part 1

Part 2


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